Welcome, film fans! 

I’ve been writing about video games on Byte-Size Impressions for a while now, but truth be told, film has always been my favorite form of entertainment. 

Prior to getting Byte-Size Impressions off the ground, I spent several years writing DVD and Blu-ray reviews for DVDTalk.com. It was a great way to share my opinions with the world, and an even better way to improve my writing skills, but I got to a point where reviewing was taking too much time away from my personal life. As a result, I decided to hang up my reviewing cap so I could catch up on all the films and video games I had missed over the years. At first, it felt liberating, but after a few short months, I felt an itch to get back into writing, and thus, Byte-Size Impressions was born. Writing about video games was challenging, but new, and it was nice to write whatever I had wanted on an ‘as I feel like it’ basis. It’s worked pretty well up to this point, and in fact, the site is quite a bit more than it used to be, since I’ve incorporated reviews and impression style videos, as well as a podcast. So, I’m not abandoning that project anytime soon.

But, I missed sharing opinions which were firmly rooted in the world of film. 

So, I had a choice: Go back to DVDTalk.com, or carve my own corner of the web where I could share my opinions on both classic and contemporary movies. Obviously, I chose to branch off of Byte-Size Impressions and create Byte-Size Cinema! 

As far as what you can expect from this site, I’ll talk about pretty much anything. While I appreciate art house cinema, I still like to watch the occasional summer popcorn flick, or smile my way through an animated feature meant for five year olds. There’s no film snobbery here. So, one day, you might see me reviewing Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal, and the next, Ice Age: Collision Course. At times, I’ll probably craft some opinion pieces in regards to stuff going on with the film industry, too. I foresee a podcast in the future, but I’m not sure about the format or how often one should be produced… at least, not yet. 

At the end of the day, I’m just here to share my passion of film with the world.

But there may be some changes when compared to Byte-Size Impressions. For example, I WILL be reaching out to studios, hoping they’ll provide me with at least SOME review copies. I MIGHT toss a Paypal link up on the site to help fund future DVD/Blu-ray/ticket purchases. That said, I’m not going to withhold content if I don’t receive donations, but more money DOES ensure content can keep flowing whenever my wallet feels light. 

So, that’s pretty much everything I’ve got for this introduction. I’m just a film fanatic hoping to intrigue some people with my thoughts and opinions.